Holidays in Sicily: Catania by night.
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Catania By Night...

piazza Duomo - Catania

Catania offers a weather and some resources that make it desirable in each period of the year, during the spring and during the autumn, the citrus groves are in flower and this spectacle is really charming, during the summer you can choose between the hot temperature of the beach and the cool one of the mountain.

Some hours after the sunset. Catania changes its aspect. The lights switch on and everybody is attracted by a walk through the centre’s streets. An experience that gives you a great happiness. You have to desire of wandering about the city, of watching of sitting for drinking a beer or listening  to a group that plays in the colud of smoke of a night-club. The band-stand is not a visible, the people appreciates the spectacle, they do not know who is playing, probably in the future he will be famous; and you will see him again at Sanremo. It is very difficult to become  a pop-star but lots of careers start from these pubs.

The weather of the night is mild and you can walk waiting for the dawn. During the night Catania gives you "the emotion" of  living the historical centre; with 120 pubs there is always the right place for everybody: music, the poetry, the exhibitions and the parties are some of the activities offered by Catania, it is very difficult to be bored. Somebody plays a guitar and the notes of a sensual music spread on a little square. During summer the tables and the  chairs are on the streets, on the corners; and they offer rest, coolness and good music the cafè chantant is the heart of catania’s summer. Here you can listen to lots of different  types of music: piano-bar, jazz, pop rock, reggae, ethnical an symphonic, and at the same time you taste a lemon or almond "granita" (crushed-ice drink) and satisfy your thirst. Absolutely to see is the "catanese summer", festivals, concerts, shows on the beach, and many other reasons to love Catania nights and day, during the all summer time.