Holidays in Sicily: the Roman Theatre.
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Roman Theatre ...

Teatro Romano presso piazza Stesicoro

This monument is placed on the southern side of the acropolis. It goes back to the I century A.C. and its construction was realized upon a Grecian theatre of the classical age. At first it could hold 7000 spectator, nowadays you can only see the cave, a part of the orchestra and a very few remains of the stage. It was built with lavic material and grout, its benches were built with white limestone and with prized white marble lots of a materials of this theatre had been reused in the building of the medieval and modern town. The marble, for example, was reused in the building of the Norman cathedral. The sculptures and the inscriptions, rescued during the excavations, are showed in the Museum of Castle Ursino.

On the left of the theatre there is the Roman Odeon. It was created for a musical and oratorio exhibitions. Its chronology is not sure but probably it was built after the central building. It was built above all with limestone. Today you can entirely see only the cave.
Roman amphitheatre. Today you can see only a little part of the great structure that this monument was. It could receive about 15.000 spectators and thank to its great dimension it is Sicily biggest amphitheatre. Its dating is not sure, perhaps during the II century A.C. it was built with lavic materials as the other public building of the Roman Catania, it has a great decorative effect thank to contrast between the black stone’s blocs and the whittle marble’s inlays.