Holidays in Sicily: the harbour and airport.
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Airport "V. Bellini" and Etnean port.

Aeroporto Bellini - Catania

Thanks to Etna the city of Catania has undergone enormous trasformations. On its northern side the lava deposits of the 1381 eruption are evident and on the opposite side are those of the 1669 eruption,which moved the coastal line by a hundred metres. The reconstruction of the brought about the precious expression of Catanese Baroque and it gave its port a central function. After unification the maritime trade of the city increased through export of sulphur and citrus togheter with the importation of textile products. The port of Catania has recently registered an encrease in activities and sea traffic.

The tourist and commercial vocation of the Etnean port is in line with his history and morphological characteristics of the city. Geographically in a strategically position, Catania and hi sport play a central role in the Mediterranean area, and attract an increasing number of turists into an area of inestimable cultural and natural beauty. The “V. Bellini”airport is the third airport, for traffic,together with Naples,Turin and Venice. The new airport o contain more than 5 million of the people in one year and to offer comfort and high-tech equipment in order to be in the van.